The Best Brick Suppliers In Australia

At Shoalhaven Brick and Tile, there is an extensive product range at Shoalhaven Brick and Tile. Sourced from some of Australia’s best suppliers and most reliable suppliers and manufacturers in Australia. Getatoz has helped thousands of businesses to select the right supplier for red bricks in Australia.

Use Getatoz to help you discover the best Red Brick suppliers in Australia for your needs. Many of the Red Brick suppliers in Australia offer bulk-delivery services. As the main Selkirk Brick Supplier, Melbourne Brick stocks a large range of products. Whether you are looking for clay, cast, or press-baked bricks, Melbourne Brick has the right brick for your landscape or construction project.

Advance Bricks offers a unique selection of baked clay bricks, with styles and colours to enhance different types of architecture. Concrete bricks and blocks are manufactured in a range of shapes, sizes, and surface treatments, with many mimicking the look and feel of clay bricks. Lightweight bricks (also called lightweight blocks) are made of expanded clay aggregate. Sand stock bricks are produced using sand casting, where clay is pressed by hand into a mould powdered with fine sand.

A large variety of new bricks are produced in large and small companies throughout Australia. Australian brick manufacturers are the largest brick manufacturers in Australia. American-based Redland Brick has production capacities of up to 250 million bricks a year, selling about 80 million bricks annually. In addition to being the largest building materials company in Australia. During its growth, Brickworks Limited took over Austral Bricks, becoming Brickworks.

Brickworks’ managing director highlighted takeovers as opportunities for the business to grow its role in the construction industry. Austral Bricks has a nationally established footprint, with production and sales facilities located in each state. Building Products North America, is the leading brick producer in the Northeastern U.S., including the North American branch of Brickworks. Building Products Australia includes Austral Bricks, along with other brands such as Austral Masonry, Austral Precast, and Bristile Roof.

In Australia, Boral Boral supplies concrete, quarry products, asphalt, cement, bricks, residential buildings, and commercial buildings. Whether you need bricks, blocks, paving, retaining walls, Fibre Cement Cladding, Steel Reinforcing or landscaping supplies. ABC Building Products will always give you the expert advice you need to get your project done. Adbri Adbri Masonry is the leading brick, block, paving, retaining wall, erosion control products. Reconstituted stone veneers masonry solutions across the east coast of Australia and southern Australia.

Geraldton Bricks is one of Australia’s oldest manufacturers of quality clay bricks and pavers. Having supplied both the Australian and International markets since 1929. Littlehampton is a 100% Australian-owned producer of distinctive clay bricks and pavers, operating for more than 120 years. Littlehampton clay bricks and pavers are fired in the small-batch, traditional Littlehampton oven. Giving each product its distinctive character, consistency and quality. It is what the company is known for across Australia and around the world.

The quality of the clays used by the Geraldton Bricks Company in producing our products has the reputation as being some of the finest in the world. Giving us superior finished products, both in aesthetics and construction. The size of Geraldton Bricks does not represent the scope of their bricks and paving passion. They are proud of the uniqueness that can be created using locally-sourced, Kiln-Fried Clay.

Daniel Robertson Daniel Robertson has been manufacturing kiln-fired bricks in Australia since 1853. Producing products that are both distinctive and aesthetically beautiful. Littlehampton also produces bespoke shapes and bricks, often featured in iconic projects. Robertson Building Products is constantly developing existing products. Such as the Thin Brick Face Tiles and Local Bricks, as well as procuring new products, locally and internationally.

If you are looking for a product that is not your run-of-the-mill, mass-produced brick, Melbourne Brick also stocks several boutique bricks, which are designed to be of a quality and style all their own. Our quality assurance means you should have zero waste in your 500 brick pallet. There may even be a possibility to export hand-crafted bricks to Australia, as the high labour costs prevent either CSR or Brickworks from being able to produce the product economically on a large scale; though I am unsure about the economics of exporting hand-crafted bricks to Australia.

A producer of quality products, like Old Carolina Handmade Brick of North Carolina, would probably be a very attractive acquisition for Brickworks. Cherokee Brick, the only other major brick producer owned by a family in the Southeast, would be a very desirable acquisition for either General Shale or Brickworks because of the synergistic benefits that would result from combining Cherokee Brick’s facilities with the existing Glen Gery facilities.

Many companies in Spain are investing in brick manufacturing and exports, with the country being second in the exportation of bricks worldwide, and so there are greater opportunities open to manufacturers. India gets $12.2 million annually from brick manufacturing.

Just like how clay brick manufacturers helped build Australia in 1788, creating its first manufacturing industry, the Australian Brick Company has led this sector in the 21st century. Austral A major Australian success story, Austral Bricks has a proud brick-making history that spans more than 100 years. Creative Bricks is an emerging Australian brick supplier dedicated to providing you with exciting and novel architectural bricks and masonry products.

The joint venture, which will be 60% owned by CSR and 40% owned by Boral, is designed to tackle a sustained trend of structural decline experienced by Australian brick manufacturers for the last thirty years. Boral and CSR’s bid to merge their East Coast brick operations into a joint venture was first announced in April 2014.